2017-03 Trainning day in Escource


1.jpgThis year we are preparing the 24H race in Zuera with 2 scooter: SP1 and LF proto.


This weekend (26/03/2017) it was the first training of 2017, in order to test and set up the scooter… and pilots!

Our “home” track is ESCOURCE (France), where we already have organized Vespa race events in 2014 and 2015.


We came with 2 large frame, and 2 small frame, and we were 6 pilots.


The Small frame for the 24H race: (SP1  category)

Liquid engine, huge tank…perfect for endurance!


The large frame is a PX200 with Malossi 210, 24mm SI-SI carburetor, SIP exhaust, and a LIZTOR selector.


We have also bring 2 other scooters, especially one will be used for 10H race in Magnycours (09/2017):

We have tested the new SIP XL exhaust with a 210 Malossi, 60mm Pinasco crankshaft and a 34mm carburetor with big reed valve. We use to have a JL exhaust with this fat configuration, but the SIP XL works very well, with more torque but a little bit less power.


After a lot of set-up (and some crash tests), the scooters are ready to run!!!


Next step the 14-15 May in Zuera!!






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