2017-06-24 6H Race in Burgos

Authentik racing team

6H Race in Burgos, Spain (24th June 2017)



The 24th June it was the 6H race in Burgos, on the Kotaar tracks in Spain. This event is the 2nd race in the “Trofeo nacional de resistencia” (Spanish endurance championship), organized by Ibero scooter.

Authentik racing team was present with one large frame proto PX#446   (210 Malossi, SIP exhaust, Liztor selector)
Despite a crash, the PX#446  was 1st of the category until 30 minutes before the end of the race... But a trouble with ignition wheel has leaded to a loss of several minutes, and also of the first position.

At the end, the PX#446  has finished at 2nd place of large frame proto (15th scratch).

Congrats to pilots and assistance!



We would like to thank particularly our sponsor SIP for providing us some SIP parts for the PX.

Thanks also to Diego Cagcas for organization!


Nest race for Authentik scooter is the 10H race in Magny cours. Last year we have finished at 2nd place (scratch), this year we hope we will win (as in 2012!!).


Authentik Racing team



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